Research Projects

Research projects

Research performed by us or our partners, related to warm technology and dementia

Welcome to our research page. We are always looking for people to join our current projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to collaborate!

While we’re no longer looking to collaborate on our past projects, we are proud to present the knowledge we have gained.

Current projects


The WECARE project looks into the design of interactive agents for dementia care by focusing on Aesthetics, Interaction and Behaviour using warm technology.


This project will develop a user-friendly approach which is shaped by AI tools and human elements (cognition, intelligence, perception, sense and value etc.) in providing smart care solutions for people with dementia.


Doctoral Network focused around co-designing a home with people living with dementia.


The ECDT participates in the ENABLE-DEM project as a learning community, to share and use new knowledge about supporting a good life with dementia.

Past projects


The LiveNature installation offers people with dementia a way to relive the past and get closer to nature through simulated sensory experiences with rich interaction possibilities.


The aim of this field study is to describe the current indoor environmental (IE) parameters and to examine how to enhance the IE climate in the nursing home in perspective of residents’ quality of life and well-being of the healthcare professionals.

Active Involvement

The research in this PhD study aims at achieving a more complete understanding of how people with dementia can have an active role in the different phases of development of new supportive technologies.

Exploring affective presence in the life of person with dementia

In this research we investigate and describe the need for affective presence in order to provide the experience of togetherness, especially by using affective touch. The unique properties of affective touch to create and experience mediated affective presence for people with dementia are studied, in different contexts and during all the stages of the disease.

Building Healthy Environments

This community aims to develop innovative, multidisciplinary projects to submit for funding and to exchange information. We promote our expertise to support policymakers and citizens in creating healthier surroundings that promote an active lifestyle and enhance well-being.


The network of partners from research and care institutions, SMEs, associations and People with Dementia, work towards the development of design standards for products designed for people living with dementia at home.

Warm Contact

During this study, different products exhibiting various types of stimuli were tested to explore whether these could help staying in touch in times when people were not allowed to physically touch their loved ones due to Covid-19.

Access to music

With a focus on the interaction with music, we study how smart technology can enable human-product-interaction while adapting to loss of initiative. As a result, knowledge on interaction design will be developed to help designers create better products for people with dementia.

Everyday Sounds of Dementia

 By merging healthcare expertise and design research, we aim to establish a comprehensive understanding of how sound can benefit people with dementia.

COVID-19 & The Role of the Built Environment

The present study aimed to explore the lessons learned regarding the built environment during the COVID-19 lockdown and to find how the built environment might contribute positively to improved well-being of dementia care residents in the future.