Doctoral Network focused around co-designing a home with people living with dementia.

HOMEDEM focuses on the recent move across Europe towards supporting people with dementia (PwD) living at home (if that is what they themselves desire to do) for as long as possible with appropriate care.

The move towards a reliance on the dynamic informal care relationships with and around the person with dementia is defined as “care constellation”. This calls for the HOMEDEM Doctoral Training Network to carry out research at several levels: a) the micro level, how dementia affects relationships between PwD and their care constellations; b) the meso level, understanding the changing needs of the home living environment; and c) at the macro level, understanding how care constellations navigate the complex care ecosystem of community-based support and services.

HOMEDEM Objectives

Identify, define, and understand the gaps in the current support services, regarding relationships, home living environment, and care ecosystem, for the five European countries participating in the Doctoral Network.

Develop solutions for the most pressing unmet needs of the care constellations related to relationships, the home living environment, and the care ecosystem, together with those involved (co-design).

Assess and influence, via design, the economic and societal value of the care constellations and their role in community-based care, resulting in the development of recommendations for improved policy-making in the sector.

Create ways to integrate autonomy and choice of people with dementia and their care constellations in planning, home adaptations, enabling designs and daily care, by embedding co-design processes in the care ecosystem.

For questions contact: homedem@luca-arts.be