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Warm technology for people with dementia

Dementia is poignant for everyone who has to deal with it. With the positive approach of Warm Technology, we support and offer a higher quality of life. We focus on doing this not only for, but mainly together with people with dementia and their environment.

Technology is still too often developed for elderly, instead of with elderly. And too often the technology, such as interactive screens and sensors, are the focus instead of the needs, wishes and possibilities of the target group. That should be improved!
With the use of Warm Technology we improve the quality of life and well-being of people with dementia. In this concept, technology is a mean and not a goal. Using warm technology can help you continue embracing life, stay attached to the familiar environment and stay in touch with the people you love.

The centre is an initiative of the TU/e and Alzheimer Nederland to positively change the lives of people with dementia through the use of Warm Technology. In this we work together with healthcare organization, companies, researchers and citizens.

Conferentie DDAI

The first international conference about Dementia, Design and Artificial Intelligence

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