Warm Smile App

Warm Smile App

Media device controls, based on image- and voice recognition, to cheer up people living with dementia.

The Warm Smile App is designed to bring joy to individuals with dementia, by lowering the barrier to access media devices through image and voice recognition.

The Warm Smile App aims at lowering the barrier to access media devices. The app will allow individuals living with dementia to find ease in using media devices, even if their symptoms are very severe. The most important aspect of the app is the availability of easily accessible social contact through video calls. Image recognition can be used to determine if a person with dementia is available for a video call with their family. If so, the family can receive a notification and initiate the call, which will automatically be accepted. Another feature that is included in the app is providing personal media, such as music, videos, and photos, to bring joy and comfort.

Project details

  • Designer: Finn Timmermans
  • Period: Januari 2022 until June 2022