Wall of Senses

Wall of Senses

Stimulating people with dementia to engage with touch and audio through interactive tiles

Wall of Senses is an interactive object that is placed on the wall to trigger people with dementia to engage and be active in a closed-ward nursing home.

Physical engagement and small exercises are important factors in supporting and activating people with dementia. How do we stimulate people with mid to late stage dementia to engage in this?

Our aim is to stimulate engagement and physical activity by triggering the senses of people with late stage dementia. We envision a connected nursing home, where several interactive designs can create personal experiences for residents with dementia. We hope to stimulate residents with dementia to participate in a route of engaging and interactive elements and designs throughout the facility.
One of these designs is the Wall of Senses which utilizes familiar visuals and sounds, triggering curiosity to stimulate people to interact with the Wall.

Residents can touch and tap tiles to create a certain atmosphere, such as a farm, beach or forest by using sounds, lights and textures. By keeping this ambiance close to the resident’s past, bright moments or a conversation with caregivers and residents can even be triggered. Therefore, we do not only aim to stimulate physical activity with small hand movements and walking activity, but also a moment of joy for the residents.

Project details

  • Designers: Marlinne van Roessel, Roy Op het Veld, Yasemin Yașarol, Bi-rong Wang with coach Roy van den Heuvel
  • Period: September 2020 until July 2021
  • Partners: Archipel Kanidas