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A portable device through which people with dementia can listen back to voice messages of loved ones.

The RelivRing generates value from people with dementia’s recent memories, which are most often forgotten by them and thus ignored in much of the research in the field. It allows relatives, after visiting, to record a voice message to a special phone number, which saves it in the RelivRing. A number of relatives can have a button on the RelivRing, which will draw attention to itself when a message is received. The person with dementia can then press the button of the corresponding person and listen back to the message. Depending on the stage or type of dementia, they may relive the entire visit, re-experience the positive emotion associated with it or, at the very least, rejoice at the sound of their relative’s voice. This way, the RelivRing grants people with dementia a repeatable positive experience, enabled by their relatives, and simultaneously explores the value of designing for recent memories in the field of dementia.

Project details

  • Designers: Tom Cobbenhagen, Rens Janssen, Maria Olsen, Karlijn van Rijen
  • Period: September 2019 – January 2020
  • Partners: Pleyade, TU/e