A safe place to share stories

EKKO is a modular room which stimulates to share stories based on personal preferred videos.

EKKO is designed to offer a safe place to residents, relatives and care professionals that invites them to share stories and associations that arise from the videos shown that are tailored to the user. EKKO encourages sharing stories as a way of connecting residents, loved ones and care professionals.
The room consists of different panels that can be placed in any desired shape at the care home. The modular room contains a video screen, a remote control to be able to influence the videos, theme discs to play generic videos that match a theme (e.g. Christmas), a cabinet underneath the video screen, where all electronics are hidden, and two lights that present a colour that matches the video.
The personal profile can be filled by care takers in the online EKKO web environment. They can upload any YouTube video that are of interest to the user.

EKKO plays videos based on the user’s personal profile as soon as he recognizes the user by means of the personal beacon of the user. Using the remote control, the user can indicate if the video is liked or not. Together with the other viewing behaviour, this affects which videos are played for the user next time. In this way EKKO learns which content fits the user best and will therefore be shown to create an optimal experience.

Project details

  • Designers: Myrte Thoolen, Hugo Nagtzaam, Serge Offermans, Rens Brankaert, Emma Dhaeze
  • Period: September 2020 – now
  • Partners: Pleyade