Calendar Clock

Calendar Clock

Dayclock with messaging functionality

Calendar Clock: A customisable dayclock application with messaging functionality that helps those with cognitive disfunction keep track of the days and nights better

Calendar Clock, a dayclock application with messaging functionality, supports people with decreased sense of time and memory loss. It was designed to help those with cognitive problems keep track of the days and nights better. It does so by showing the part of the day and time, digital or analogue. It can also show important agenda items, reminders and/or personal messages.

Those with cognitive dysfunction benefit from simplistic devices that require almost no interaction and button presses. Using this, Calendar Clock innovates on the concept of a dayclock by providing remote control over the dayclock via a second application. Via this application messages can be sent, which can have alarms and reading confirmations added to them. Besides this colors can be changed, buttons can be disabled, and the app can be put in fullscreen mode such that it is more difficult to accidentally press the wrong buttons.

As it is available for free on both iOS and Android the application can be installed on older devices to be placed on a recognizable location in the house. No interaction is required after connecting it to the administrator app.

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